Tuition Assistance

For children with dyslexia and related language learning differences.

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Tuition Assistance

For children with Dyslexia and related language learning differences.

Our Leadership

Who We Are

We are a 501(c)(3) organization developed for the purpose of providing tuition assistance to students with dyslexia and related language learning difficulties.

What We Do

Frances McGlannan Foundation

Financial Assistance

The Foundation provides financial assistance to the families of children whose urgent learning needs require the academic focus of a specialized educational organization, but for whom financial constraints prohibit attendance.

Resources for Parents and Students

For more than fifty years, McGlannan School has helped a countless number of children to realize their academic potential and success through the use of research based methods initially implemented by Frances McGlannan.

Raise Awareness

We are inviting you as friends of McGlannan School to work with us through this tax deductible Foundation to financially assist the families of children who require these specialized methods of instruction.​

Our Mission

Reducing the financial burden on parents

  • Our Purpose

    We assist parents of children whose urgent learning needs require they attend specialized schools with the academic focus and educational structure for students with dyslexia, but for whom financial restraints prohibit their attendance.

  • Results-Driven

    In the past four years, we have awarded over $162,500 towards assisting students to attend specialized schools within the State of Florida (Miami and Jacksonville) and in Massachusetts. The altruistic goal of the Frances McGlannan Foundation is to continue to help as many dyslexic students as possible throughout the State of Florida to attend schools which are specialized, qualified and experienced to meet their unique educational needs as dyslexic learners.

  • Join Us

    We are appealing to you, and our alumni, parents and friends of the McGlannan School to continue working with us, through the Foundation, to financially assist parents of children who require the evidence-based methods of instruction offered by these schools.

Fundraising Efficiency Ratio

In 2017, spent 25¢ to raise $1.00

Scholarships Awarded Ratio

In 2017, 85% of donations
awarded to families

Administrative Expense Ratio

In 2017, only 3% of total expenses
were administrative costs

From our Leadership

Julia F. McGlannan


Julia Fitzgerald McGlannan, has been with McGlannan School for 19 years and has been the Administrative Director of the school since 2008. In 1999 she joined the school’s administrative staff and was mentored for more than ten years under the tutelage of Frances McGlannan. Julia McGlannan graduated cum laude from the University of Miami’s school of nursing. She is also a nurse practitioner and holds a Masters of Nursing Science degree from Barry University. In addition to her years with McGlannan School, she has more than twenty years of nursing experience in the areas of medical/surgical nursing, critical care, health care administration, health care risk management and as a community outreach instructor in first aid and basic life support.

Cindy Rudin

Foundation Vice President

Cindy Rudin is the Director of Admissions for McGlannan School and has been with McGlannan for 37 years. Prior to her present position, she was a McGlannan classroom teacher, clinical reading instructor and then a middle school division director for 17 years. She attended the University of Florida and the University of Miami and has her degree in education for Varying Exceptionalities which includes learning disabilities and behavior/emotional disorders. Mrs. Rudin was mentored for 27 years under the direct tutelage of Frances McGlannan. Her training included interpretation of clinical research data as it applies to the dyslexic child, analysis of cognitive vs academic assessments both diagnostic and standardized, development of prescriptive planning and interventions, and more. She maintains her certification and is a guest lecturer for professional educators.

A new perspective on Dyslexia

In this inspiring talk, advocate and educator Dean Bragonier offers a different take on Dyslexia. By looking at the unique mindset of Dyslexics as a strength, Dean reframes a perceived weakness as a powerful tool and teaches us all an important lesson about the power of an open mind and an open heart.

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